About Hannele

Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Hannele and I am from Finland.
This is how my name is pronounced.

I have become a body coach and a Yoga teacher through series of events and experiences in my life.

I was born in the North of Finland and had a somewhat disturbed youth. In my early 20s I moved to UK. I was generally very unhealthy, chronically depressed and quickly became overweight. I couldn’t bear the look of myself.

In my later 20’s I had enough and decided to do something about it and I started running. I went from being a couch potato to running 10k’s, half marathons and eventually marathons.

From there on I developed an interest to human body: my own injuries and niggles got me interested in body, anatomy and exercise and I became a sports therapist in 2010.

I am constantly developing myself and my skills. So over the years I got qualified as a Personal Trainer and added various massage practitioner qualifications to my skills.

Through some more personal challenges and experiences I became a Yoga Teacher in 2017, which remains the main passion in my life alongside with The Human Design system.

So, I’m a professional Human Design Guide as well.

One of the biggest changes in my life has definitely come through the discovery of this knowledge. It has pulled me on such a journey of self-discovery that I couldn’t have imagined existing. I’ve learned to make decisions using my body’s intelligence rather than the mind, and this has changed my life entirely.  I apply the principles of this system to everything that I do. (Read more here.)


These days I train for strength, flexibility and general fitness through Yoga and Yoga-inspired workouts. My training is all about being in the body, staying present in the moment and responding to what I have energy for. It’s simply just physical exercise with mindfulness.

I’ve taken many risks in this life and challenged norms so that I can continue doing what I love. I’ve worked pretty hard to get to where I am today, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m rich in experiences and I’ve learned to love myself just as I am.

I currently live in Espoo, Finland and work as a Yoga teacher and a Personal Trainer at Primitive Skills.



50hr RYT Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
(2019, Arhanta Yoga)

100hr Grounding Yin Yoga Teacher Training
(2017, Rishikesh, India)

50hr RYT Yin Yoga Teacher Training
(2019, Arhanta Yoga)

200hr RYT Yoga Alliance
(2017, Rishikesh, India)

Level 3 Personal Trainer &
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
(2015 – 2016, Leeds, UK)
Kettlebell Instructor 
Studio Cycling Instructor 
Suspended Movement Instructor 
Boxing Padwork for PT’s



Level 2 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (2017, Leeds, UK)

No Hands Massage Practitioner
(2015, Leeds, UK)

Level 2 Reiki Practitoner
(2014, Leeds, UK)

Level 5 Diploma in Sports Therapy
(2010, Manchester, UK)


Living Your Design Guide
(2016, Human Design Hawaii)


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