My Birthday in Can Tho, Vietnam

The biggest challenge of my trip over the past months has been learning to let go of my past as an identity and the future as an illusion of control.

Each “home” I’ve settled in, even if they’ve been a home for just a short while, have a deep impact in my experience. And each time we move on, I’m practising letting go of that place and everything it provided me for a short while. Practising letting it become a memory that will fade over time.

Just like everything up until this very moment. My childhood in Finland.
My life in England.
Those two months in India.
All those yoga classes in Bali.
Even yesterday’s stroll around Can Tho town has begun it’s slow fading into a memory.

My body knows where it’s going, even if my mind doesn’t.
All these places I’ve wandered in, I wouldn’t even have the capacity to imagine them before they were right there, in the present moment to be lived and experienced.
I am not in control of life. I’m not in control of the future.

I can either stay locked into wishing things had been different and hoping that they will be in the future, or accept my life as this forever unfolding mystery of events that I can’t predict.

Accepting the limitations of my mind.
Accepting the existence of things I can’t control, things I can’t imagine, things I can’t expect.

I know nothing.
Beyond that realisation lies a vast world of infinite possibilities for a unique life. A gift so generous that I can’t be but in gratitude and awe of how sophisticated and resilient this human vehicle actually is, to give me this experience, this movie, this life.

And so the next cycle around the sun begins.