The Lotus Pose

One of the things I learned in India, was how incredibly useful it is to sit cross-legged. Everything over there is geared up for sitting in this position. I don't remember seeing many chairs anywhere. All the restaurants I ate in had floor cushions and low tables, as...

Why I chose to teach Yoga

This is me doing a Yoga on a beach in India, and those are my friends who I met there. Only a few months ago I was almost immobile due to chronic back pain, sciatica and nerve damage to my left side. I tried all sorts of treatments. I did everything I could think of,...

Welcome to my Website

A very warm welcome to my website I come from a land of a thousand lakes. The generalisation of Finnish people is that we are very down to earth, humble, shy and quiet but that we have this incredible determination, guts and perseverance inside of us that takes us...

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