Human Design

Use Your Body to Make the Best Decisions for You


Human Design is like nothing else. It’s like a holistic tool that can simply change your life. It’s not a religion and it doesn’t require you to believe anything. It is an experiment in which you take the decision making authority from your mind and give it to your body. Does that sound scary?



What if you could jump into a life that is exactly for you, just waiting for you to be brave enough to let go of what no longer serves you? How many times have you wished that you had the guts to do something but your mind is holding you back with its fear of survival? When you take your decision making authority from your mind and give it to your body, your life will take a new path.




My Human Design Chart

It’s not going to be what you think, but it’s going to be the correct one – the journey of YOUR life. Your body is here to look after you. Its priority is your survival. We have been conditioned to not listen to it, but make decisions based on our mind – The mind that has been conditioned from birth through all the years we’ve been alive, by others (parents, culture, schools, government and so on).
Does your mind really know you?




Your body has its own language. It’s here to try to communicate with you but are you able to listen? Pain is often silenced with painkillers, frustration pushed aside and overwritten by the need to prove ourselves to others, do what we don’t really want to do for people we don’t necessarily even like. We feel guilty for being selfish. We feel strange for “doing nothing”. There is a simple, practical holistic tool called Strategy and Authority. It is the essence of the Human Design system. Making decisions based on your Strategy and Authority is an experiment that requires you to let go of what you mind says you should do, or who you should be. In a way it’s like a jump to the unknown. And to do that, you really have to trust yourself. You have to trust that you will land on your feet.

Do you? Can you?




As a certified Guide, I give Human Design Coaching sessions which give you the key to the door that opens up the journey of your life. In the sessions I explain the Human Design mechanics and what that means for you. I will teach you to listen to your body, to trust yourself, and to learn to identify how your mind tries to get you trapped. You’ll learn to navigate this life in a new way. You’ll take steps that lead you to your door. When you arrive you’ll already have the key. Are you brave enough to experiment with your design?




You can call me or email me through the contact form below. If you have any questions or you’re unsure about anything, I’m happy to give you further information.
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Living Your Design Sessions

Human Design Introduction Session

This is an introduction to Human Design and your individual strategy & authority.

This is meant to launch you into the Human Design experiment with enough confidence to trust your own body for decision making and to start observing where your mind can get you in to trouble.

The session lasts around 1-2 hours and includes a recording. Can be done either face to face or via software called Zoom. 

£ By Donation
(Suggested donation £60/€70/$80)

Human Design Coaching Sessions

This session is good if you’re already experimenting with your Strategy & Authority and have any further questions about your design, or want to dive deeper into the knowledge.

Or simply… if your mind is giving you hell, or you feel stuck, this session can give you a different perspective. Maybe I can help you realise something that will untie the knots in your life and give you what you need to move forward.

£ By Donation
(Suggested donation £60/€70/$80)

Living Your Design Full Course

The aim of this course is to teach you the essence of human design and how to make decisions through the body according to your strategy (type) and inner authority. It will also help you understand how your mind operates.
This course teaches you the practical application of strategy and authority in your everyday life. It also teaches you the center mechanics in terms of authority, definition and openness.
£ Ask for more info

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