On a journey to the Tea Country, Sri Lanka

The fan is turning. Luca is playing the guitar.
I look outside through the window and see a lonely, bright red rose and green leaves, a bright blue sky and a morning full of promises of unpredictable things, including the weather. It rains a lot here. It’s also a lot cooler than anywhere else yet, which is a nice change for me after all that heat that my Scandinavian body has not yet adapted to.

I have managed to find some kind of a routine even though we’re on the move most of the time.
I do yoga first thing when I wake up. Then I’ll wash some clothes and we hang them where possible. We eat porridge, banana, some biscuits and drink coffee. We chill out a little bit, maybe talk about the dreams we dreamt the night before, or contemplate our experiences, often talk about HD.

Sometimes I stress or rush. Sometimes I’m exhausted. Sometimes I feel really good.

Today is one of those days without too much pressure and it’s nice. I feel good about the day ahead but it can take a turn to any direction at any time, so I stick to my pessimist nature and not expect too much.
I like discovering little things. Like the tiniest bird I saw this morning. It’s already enough, so if the day turns to shit, at least I had that.

Life seems such a mixture of pleasure and pain, and it’s not like they alternate, or take their turn either. It’s just a one big soup of all kinds flavours of feeling and emotions, in which I can either be focused on the pain, or the pleasure, even if it exists all at the same time.

There’s no good or bad in any of that.
It is just what is in each moment.
In the end it’s a fabulous Play, a movie that I get to witness and participate in.

A big mystery.