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Pacing My Way

This is an empowering article written by my friend, Serena Castillo. I SO resonated with that pressure to hurry to get out of people’s way. I’ve been experimenting with the same “taking my time method” and have seen how uncomfortable it can feel when the mind pressures us to move faster than our natural flow. We are SO conditioned to do things quick. pressured to move and put the world outside of us before our own. “Yes sir, no sir.” No wonder we end up sick and fed up with life, when we can’t embrace ourselves enough to allow our own natural pace. Read the article here….

The No Hands Massage Technique

This is a video of the NO HANDS® technique. It is a dynamic form of Massage that is sweeping the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic treatments available.  It was conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20 years of clinical testing. View here…

See Which Muscles You Are Stretching

How do you know which muscles you are actually stretching or if you are performing each stretch the right way while you do yoga or the flexibility routine?

Read more here…


The Physiological Benefits of a Sports Massage

Many people enjoy a massage; it’s often used as a treat, something to relax us when we feel stressed, it may be used before and after a sporting event or to work with a current sports injury.   I often describe a sports massage to my client’s as ‘maintenance’ work, and an add on to their training. Read the article here…..

Acupuncture with Mar de la Cruz

She has years of experience,  and you can be sure to get warm and friendly welcome! She is a therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bach Flowers and Naturopathy. Specialising in psychological imbalances, pain and female pathology with an individual treatment. Click here for her website…

Intuitive Coaching with Shannyn

Shannyn is a friend of mine living in the states and she is an Intuitive Business Coach, Energy Healer and a fellow Human Design Guide. Click here for her website.

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