Hannele has been my Physio/Massage therapist for the last 5 years. I first found Hannele when I had a minor Sacroiliac joint issue, she quickly resolved that for me, and I was so impressed I took the decision to attend for a regular unwinding. Every three weeks I have a full body massage which has pretty much kept me fully fit since. I have had a few minor niggles which I expect as I train pretty much daily for Triathlon. I have completed several long course Tri`s and a marathon, all of which Hannele has been instrumental in.

Not only have I found her physio skills of great use, but Hannele very much practices what she preaches. She has a background in running and in recent years she has expanded her knowledge base into many other sports fields. I have received some good advice on training because of this and I believe Hannele`s real life knowledge has allowed her to pick up on minor injuries and advise me before they have become a problem. Hannele has an easy going manner, is pleasant conversation and extremely good at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Mark Fraser

I just want to let you know how much better I am feeling. I don’t know what you did, but it’s worked and I feel like a new person!
If the back ache comes back I will be contacting you ASAP so I don’t have to live with that pain.
Thanks again. 

Clare Young

I felt very low with constant back ache and pains in my leg due to hip problems. Hannele’s great knowledge of the human body and her ability to feel what’s wrong and then work on muscles to realign my body with her expert massage techniques resulted in instant relief for me. I regularly go see her to keep the muscles working as they should and feel so glad that I’ve found someone who can keep my body working as it should.
Marion Walker

I have been a client of Hannele’s for two years. During this time I have found Hannele to be very professional, easy going, adaptable to my busy work schedule and willing to change my appointments at short notice. If I have problems with aches or pain she will deal with them in her usual professional way. I have no hesitation in recommending Hannele and awarding her five stars.
Keith Graham

I think Hannele really knows her stuff. She has a deep awareness of muscles and the sports massage process. She will get in there, untie the knots in your muscles and help you take care of yourself.
Luca Ionescu

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