Welcome to my Website

by Feb 23, 2017

A very warm welcome to my website

I come from a land of a thousand lakes. The generalisation of Finnish people is that we are very down to earth, humble, shy and quiet but that we have this incredible determination, guts and perseverance inside of us that takes us through the hardest of challenges. We even have a name for it: SISU.

When I was first setting myself up as self-employed, I really wanted to use this word in my business name. It felt so fitting, because it is part of me, my culture, my life and it’s also so present in the work that I do as a body therapist. I don’t personally like the idea of “no pain – no gain”, but the fact is that the pain is always going to be part of our life.

The point is that it doesn’t need to turn into suffering. This is what sisu means. You beat the pain. You don’t resist it. You go through it. You deal with whatever it is that you need to deal with. Being humble is a noble trait, but it doesn’t mean bowing down to challenges and giving up in life. You don’t put yourself below the pain and let it keep you as a slave. You go through a rock if needs to be. You may not succeed at your first attempt, or even the second, but sisu will take you through your journey until you come out the other end as a survivor. You give a gesture of gratitude and take a moment to enjoy your victory, but you don’t boast. You remain as you are; humble to life, to the nature, to yourself.

In the end I decided against using the word in my business name, because the concept is so precious for me. I prefer to keep this trait inside of me as a legacy of who I am, raising up to the surface when needed in my personal or professional life not only as part of me, but also what I can show and teach to the world through doing what I love.

Thank you for visiting my site.