Why Yoga

This is me doing a Yoga on a beach in India, and those are my friends who I met there.

Only a few months ago I was almost immobile due to chronic back pain, sciatica and nerve damage to my left side. I tried all sorts of treatments. I did everything I could think of, but nothing seemed to bring me any relief.

The only thing that helped me was Yoga.
For a long time I didn’t think I could ever do any of the more advanced yoga poses, I could hardly twist to one side. But little by little, the body gave in, I created more and more space for healing and eventually went to India in November 2017, to learn this art for myself, to become a teacher of it.
That is what I tend to do when I find something that really works. I have to learn it to be able to universalise it.

I came back 5kg lighter than when I left. What I lost was muscle tension, emotional baggage and other things I didn’t need to hold on to any more.
Within the month, I healed from sciatica, my digestion, strength and flexibility improved dramatically, I learned the importance of breath, I found my voice, my balance and became a close family with people who not long ago were still strangers to me.

I am humbled to have had this experience. I will carry the memory of it within my cells, my breath and in my heart.

My dream continues to be that I can teach people how to learn to be comfortable in their bodies, to allow it to be the key to their contentment and freedom. I want to keep sharing the perspective that transformation is possible for each and every one of us and the only thing that stands in the way is our MIND.

There is this belief I come across all the time, people keep repeating it like a mantra… that there’s a level of suffering we all have to encounter in life. That “you can’t have it all”.
I disagree.
Pain is part of life, but suffering is definitely optional. Pleasure and pain are different sides of the same coin. Suffering comes from resisting them. People are so afraid of failure, of not being good enough, not deserving this or that, that they make these mantras to reassure themselves and others to settle for mediocre or less, to avoid immersing themselves fully into life and what is POSSIBLE.

The main purpose of life is life itself. We are here to be here, to be complete and unique as ourselves.
Life is not something that we need to be afraid of. It is perfect.

You’re perfect.

You were born here to have a fulfilling life as YOURSELF.
Why would you settle for anything less?