Primitive Skills Yoga Studio opens its doors in the first week of December (Merivirta 11, Kivenlahti).


It has been a rush to get everything sorted with a short notice. Especially at this time of the year.

I was sitting here, trying to come up with some kind of noticeable post about how excited I am, what we have on offer and why it’s worth that people check it out.

But the more I tried, the worse it sounded. It’s as if I was trying to make a mass copy of an advertisement that I’ve read a hundred times about various different products and services. So I gave up, let go of the need to be noticed and just started writing this instead. 

Yoga is spreading fast. It is evolving, changing, expanding, and there are more and more people teaching, opening studios, adding it to their existing services.
One could argue that the competition is tough. 

Every single day that competition concept is there for me. Whether it’s through another facebook ad, or word of mouth, or just a thought that keeps re-appearing in my head.
And every single day I remind myself that I am not in competition with anyone. I don’t teach yoga because I want to be better than someone else. I don’t do it for money for sure, it’s not that well-paid job. Nevertheless, we do need money in this modern society for basic survival (I wish we didn’t).

My mind is thinking I should come up with some specific thing that makes this place different from others. And then I remember that it’s such a frustrating thing to think about. Every single yoga place is different. Every single yoga teacher is different. Every person attending the classes are different. Every person on this planet is different from each other. Everybody has something to offer no matter what it is that they live out. Each individual is beautiful, creative and different from anybody else.
And this is why I teach yoga:  I get to do it my own way. It has nothing to do with how someone else teaches it. I am not here to be a copy of someone else. And neither are you. And neither are any of the lovely new Yoga teachers that are going to join us to spread this beautiful ancient practise of yoga. Yoga is a journey inwards through the physical body and the process of getting there involves clearing the mind from a belief that you have to be something else, something better, something more than what you are right now in this moment. 

I encourage everyone to find the people that they resonate to. Whether it’s friends, lovers, teachers, yoga teachers. It took me a long time to really “get” yoga, because I didn’t find a teacher that I resonated to. When one came my way, my own yoga path opened up. 

So maybe we here in Kivenlahti can offer a resonance to some people.

 I welcome you here, whoever you are, whatever your background is, or where ever you are physically or mentally in your life right now.  You don’t have to commit. Nobody is going to make you feel inadequate. You’re welcome as you are, for any classes, for some tea or any questions you may have (as long as we’re open of course) .

The calendar is  now open for bookings. Most classes have been added  for the end of the year and you can view them here:

You will be able to see the description of the class in the booking calendar but if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at

The aim in the new year is to introduce start-up courses for yoga, as well various special workshops, out of which one is my main passion alongside yoga: The Human Design system. It changed my life in 2013 and in short: I am here ONLY because of it.


Wishing you all a wonderful December, and perhaps I will meet some of you in our new place!